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17 HM2 - Mixed Manufacturer Brass Cased - 100 Rounds

Out of stock


Quantity - 100 rounds
Casings - Brass (some brass cases may be nickel-plated)
Manufacturer Mixed
Condition New
Bullet Weight Not Applicable
Bullet Type Unknown
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 100
Ammo Caliber .17 HM2 (Mach 2)
Primer Type Rimfire
UPC Barcode R121620207572
Use Type
Range Training
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Ever go to one of those stores where you can get canned foods for super cheap because the cans are dented or missing their labels? This is kind of like the ammo equivalent of that.

Every now and then we receive ammo in damaged packaging, or even damage that packaging ourselves. We can’t sell that ammo for full price, but we can’t very well throw it in the dumpster out back, either. So, like the enterprising company that we are, we seal that ammo in plastic bags and put it on LuckyGunner.com for a swell discount.

These are one hundred 17 HM2 cartridges – which, to be very sure, are not the same thing as 17 HMR. They are brand new as brand new can be. We’ve personally inspected each of these rounds before they got sealed in their bag. They have also got brass (or nickel-plated brass) cases.

But that is the most we can say about this random selection of ammo! They can have any kind of bullet and they can have originated from any manufacturer’s factory. They can all be the same as one another, or they can all be different. But we think you’ll be happy with what you get.
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