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18" Wide Steel Collapsible Target Stand - 1" x 2" Furring Strip Compatible - Target Barn - Black


120 In Stock


Manufacturer - Target Barn, Inc.
Material - 10 Gauge Steel
Size/Shape - 19-1/2" L x 18-3/4" W
Type - Portable Furring Strip Target Stand
Manufacturer Target Barn
Manufacturer SKU 18-Travel
Target Type Accessories
Quantity 1
Length 19.5"
Width 18.75”
UPC Barcode Collps18stnd
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Train anywhere at any time with this portable steel target stand from Target Barn. This target stand is a low-profile frame made from 10 gauge steel which accepts two 1" x 2" wood furring strips for use with stapled paper or cardboard targets. These target stands are ideal for setting up competition stages or training drills which aren't easily achieved on square ranges.

Target Barn has been a premier supplier of targets, stands, and accessories for over thirty years and is the first choice for many federal agencies, shooting clubs, private ranges, and law enforcement academies. Their high quality and attention to detail has earned them official licensing from the NRA, IDPA, and IPSC for match-ready target production. The welds on their steel targets are performed robotically for unrivaled consistency and strength.

The furring strip pockets are spaced 18 inches apart which makes these stands perfect for the most popular silhouette targets used in competition and tactical training. The pockets include hand-adjustable screws for securing the wooden strips in place and avoiding unnecessary target wobble. As a whole, the stand weighs under 8 pounds and has wing-nuts in its body pieces for attaching and detaching the front and rear cross members. These two features mean that the target can be easily broken down and stored away for travel.

Each corner of the target stand has a larger hole for staking into the ground on windy days. Alternatively, a sandbag or weight can be laid across the cross-members without fear of damage.
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