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20 Gauge - 2-3/4" 7/8oz. #7.5 Shot - Fiocchi - 25 Rounds

Out of stock


Quantity - 25 Rounds
Manufacturer - Fiocchi
Load - 2-3/4” 7/8oz. #7.5 Shot
Manufacturer Fiocchi
Condition New
Bullet Weight 7/8 oz.
Bullet Type #7-1/2 Shot
Quantity 25
Ammo Caliber 20 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU 20VIP75
Shot Material Lead
Shell Length 2-3/4"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1200
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 762344701325
Use Type
Sporting Clays
Target Loads
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The last of 25 shots rings out. The remnants of a clay pigeon rain down from the sky – just like the 24 discs that preceded it. You lower your 20 Gauge shotgun and turn to face the crowd of speechless onlookers. You run a hand through your hair, which is so thick that your barber charges you triple, let out a carefree chuckle, and speak to the amazed gawkers. “Huh. Looks like Fiocchi VIP ammo is just as good as Lucky Gunner says.” You jump into your 2022 Lamborghini Huracan EVO convertible (the roof was already down because it isn’t raining) and peel off at 170 miles per hour to the first of several exclusive celebrity parties for the evening. The cops never pull you over because you are so cool.

Fiocchi’s Exacta VIP shotshells are loaded in accordance with Olympic standards. This shell’s 7/8 ounce column of #7.5 shot is high-quality: made of hard lead to avert deformation that can loosen pattern density, and screened to ensure total uniformity of pellet sphericity. The shell’s 1,200 fps muzzle velocity gives its payload enough energy to reach and shatter distant clays, but its hinged wad ensures the shot column won’t compress enough to flatten its pellets. That same wad also mitigates felt recoil – if your god-like musculature allowed you to experience fatigue, then this shell would help you avoid it. Fiocchi’s American-made shotshells ignite reliably and cleanly, and their hulls make fine reloading components.
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