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MagLula StripLula - AR-15 / M16 Magazine Loader - .223 / 5.56mm - 1 Magazine Loader


Manufacturer - MagLula Ltd.
Manufacturer SKU - SL50B
Compatibility - 5.56mm / .223 Remington STANAG Compliant Magazines
Ammo Caliber .223 Remington
Manufacturer MagLULA
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This StripLula from MagLula is one of the most cost-effective, time-saving, and versatile magazine loaders that you can buy to accompany your ARs and other 5.56mm rifles. The StripLula is unique in that it can be used to load up to ten loose rounds at once or fitted with a pre-loaded stripper clip for a quick and easy 10-round fill-up. That makes this loader compatible with any configuration of .223 Remington ammo that you purchase while also being ideal for classes, matches, military ranges, and any situation where you need a lot of ammo and don't want to ruin your thumbs.

Operation is effortless as the StripLula attaches to the spine of a magazine for stability and ease of use. Once in place, simply fill the loader with loose rounds or a full stripper-clip, bring the lever over the top of the loader, and then press the lever towards the magazine allowing it to push the rounds and depress the follower. The lever gives your fingers enough leverage so that you don't have to pre-bend the brass tab of the stripper clip while also possessing space to allow an expended clip to drop away freely when you turn the magazine upside down.

The StripLula also serves as an unloader with a rigid tab at its backside; all you have to do is hold a magazine with the bullets facing downwards and use the tab to depress the second round in the magazine. As you relieve pressure on the top round it will fall away, allowing you to quickly move the tab sideways in order to depress the new second round so that the new first round will also fall away. With practice, this repetitive movement can be used to empty a 30-round magazine in about five seconds. The StripLula is highly durable (able to loaded over 100,000 rounds), compact for storage, and comes with an attached key-ring for securing to your range bag.

MagLula (Magazine Loaders and Unloader Accessories) is an Israeli company that has been producing these high quality loading tools since 2001. Their products are highly prized by military, law enforcement, competitive shooting teams, and all private shooters with a high volume of ammo consumption. These loaders are compatible with most magazines compliant with .223 Caliber NATO STANAG 4179 which includes the following:

- Standard Aluminium "USGI" Magazines
- H&K Steel Magazines
- Magpul PMAGs, EMAGs, and D-60 Drums
- Lancer L5 and AWM Magazines
- Surefire 60 and 100 Round Magazines
- Tango Down ARC Magazines
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