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410 Bore - 2-1/2" 235 Grain Triple Defense - Hornady Critical Defense - 200 Rounds

Out of stock


Quantity - 200 Rounds
Manufacturer - Hornady
Load - 2-1/2” 235 Grain Triple Defense
Manufacturer Hornady
Condition New
Bullet Weight 235 Grain
Bullet Type Specialty
Quantity 200
Ammo Caliber 410 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU 86238
Shot Material Lead
Shell Length 2-1/2"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 750
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 294
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 10090255862383
Use Type
Self Defense
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Hornady’s 410 Triple Defense shotshells are a truly force to be reckoned with! Whether you carry a Judge or Governor for personal protection – or keep a shotgun ready for home defense – this ammo delivers the one-two-three combo you need to neutralize the threat fast.

This shell is loaded with a unique column of projectiles. First comes a .41 caliber FTX slug – a polymer tipped solid lead projectile designed to unleash massive terminal expansion after impact. When the FTX is fired through a rifled barrel, it actually engages with the rifling to provide greater accuracy and ensure that its tip meets the target head-on.

The FTX is just the first of multiple problems for the threat. When this round is fired at a man-sized target standing seven yards away, it reliably follows its FTX up with two .35 caliber high-antimony cold swaged lead balls (for reference, a 00 buck pellet is .33” in diameter). These balls are too hard to deform in any significant way, so they reliably penetrate soft tissue deeply enough to access the threat’s vital organs.

Hornady’s triple threat is loaded in the state of Nebraska with the high-quality components any 410 Bore firearm needs to perform dependably. Order ten 20-round boxes today and practice with the same little shell you’d trust your life to!
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