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Ammo Can - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - Brand New - 6

Out of stock


Description - 6 M2A1 Brand New Ammo Cans Outside Maximum Dimensions: 12-1/32" Long x 6-3/32" Wide x 7-1/2" High
Manufacturer Unknown
Quantity 6
Condition New
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The “Law of Storage” - you can never have enough

With these newly manufactured M2A1 cans, we’re now making it possible to afford the storage you need for your stockpile of ammunition, medical supplies, and other dry goods.

M2A1 ammo cans are the quintessential storage device that the U.S. military has used since the 1950s (and still uses today). Originally developed for the U.S. military, the M2A1 ammo can is now manufactured by a number of government contractors all over the world, but is historically always in short supply in the U.S. civilian market.

These cans feature rugged .8mm steel boxes with 1.2mm steel lids covered in a seamless coat of olive-drab, baked powder coating. The water-tested welds combined with the durable rubber seal make these cans perfect for long-term storage applications, especially when you include a silica gel pack or other moisture absorbent inside.

You can buy 1 can or you can buy bulk-packs of 6-can or 12-can cartons to save even more money (the bulk cartons may not always be available). These cans were delivered in double-wall cartons with cardboard separators between each can to ensure that your cans are protected and arrive at your door in excellent condition.

While these cans were not inspected by a U.S. military production inspector and therefore could not be called “mil-spec”, you will not be able to tell the difference between these cans and those produced under “mil-spec” requirements. To keep your costs down, these cans were manufactured in China.

If you aren’t sure you need more than one can, buy your first one and see how you like it. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, performance, or appearance of this product.
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