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Plastic Ammo Can - MTM Case-Gard AC45 - Green - Brand New - 1

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Quantity - 1 Green Ammo Can
Outside Dimensions: 8.5" x 6" x 5.5"
Material - Polypropylene Plastic

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Manufacturer MTM
Manufacturer SKU CROWAC45
Quantity 1
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Store your ammunition smartly with this plastic ammo can made by MTM Case-Gard. These polypropylene plastic ammo cans have an advantage over their metal predecessors due to their lighter weight, corrosion and rust resistance, and construction that will stand up to impact or accidental falls. These cans keep your ammo safe from moisture with an o-ring gasket that lines the hinged lid as well as a double buckle system that ensures that the gasket gets a tight seal. In addition, these cans possess a folding handle for easy carrying as well as corner indentations for intuitive stacking of multiple cans without worrying about toppling or slipping. These .45 Caliber cases will hold up to 500 rounds (or ten boxes) of most pistol ammunition.

MTM Case-Gard is a family owned business that has been honing their craft since 1968. They pride themselves on quality workmanship and their products can be on ranges, reloading benches, and even as OEM storage equipment for a wide array of products. They guarantee these boxes against defects for up to five years from the date of purchase.
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