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Plastic Ammo Can - Shot Shell Box - Plano - OD Green - 1

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Quantity - 1 Olive Green Ammo Can Type - Shot Shell Box Exterior Dimensions 13.625" X 5.625" X 5.625"
Manufacturer Plano
Manufacturer SKU 121202
Quantity 1
Condition New
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Plano ammo cans are a great way to store and transport you ammunition. This brand new can is the perfect carrier for your shot shells. Plano designed this can specifically for shot shells and it will hold (4) 25 round boxes. This OD green can features a rubber O-ring to help keep your ammo dry and corrosion free. For secure sealing, this can has a brass bail style latch and can be locked.

Plano Molding has been producing high quality plastics since 1952. Their products are American made in Illinois and they use hardened polymers that will stand the test of time.

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