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P.C.I. Ammo Review

P.C.I. Ammo Review

P.C.I. Ammo Information

Established in 1986, P.C.I Ammo has been producing quality ammunition for over 20 years! P.C.I., which stands for Precision Cartridge, Inc., specializes in remanufactured ammunition.  All of Precision Cartridge ammo is loaded using Camdex machines.  By using Camdex machines, P.C.I. is able to reproduce ammo of great by using  the same machines the manufacturers use!

P.C.I. supplies most of the mid-west with ammunition.  Precision Cartridge remanufactures both frangible bullets and lead safe bullets as well.  Frangible bullets are 100% safe when hitting a hard surface.  Amazingly, a frangible bullet turns into dust when it hits something hard while still performing just as well as steel plated bullets!  Lead safe bullets are beneficial because they help to dramatically reduce lead vapor levels that result in shooting ranges.

P.C.I Ammunition offers a safe, quality product at a low price.  Precision Cartridge ammo is great for target practice and is available in many different  calibers, velocities, weights, and bullet configurations!


Where P.C.I. Ammo Is Manufactured

Precision Cartridge, Inc. ammunition is manufactured in Hobart, Indiana.


P.C.I. Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By P.C.I. Ammo

As seen on the P.C.I. website:

P.C.I. Ammo is rated 4.83
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