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Wolf Ammo Review

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Wolf Ammo Information

Wolf Ammo Review Wolf ammo is manufactured by Wolf Ammunition. Wolf Ammunition is a Russian based company with its headquarters located in the United States in Placentia, CA. Currently, Russia is the largest producer of 7.62 x 39mm ammo! Unlike other foreign low priced ammo, Wolf ammo is non-corrosive. Most Wolf ammo comes in polymer-coated steel cases and is produced in the most popular rifle and pistol calibers (see Calibers Offered By Wolf Ammo below).

Wolf Ammunition is well known for offering quality product at competitively low prices. When using Wolf Ammo, you may have to clean between the case and the chamber of your firearm more often than usual. The reason for this extra cleaning has to do with the steel-cased Wolf casings not expanding to form a tight seal against the chamber at the time of firing.

Consequently, when Wolf cartridges are fired some of the combustion by-products accumulate between the case and the chamber. It is suggested that you clean your gun after firing Wolf ammo due to this excess of carbon. This does not have any affect on the safety of Wolf Ammo as the ammunition is in accordance with all SAAMI standards. Most gunners don't mind the extra cleaning as they are able to buy more good Wolf ammo at a bargain price!


Where Wolf Ammo Is Manufactured

Most of Wolf ammo is manufactured in factories located in the former USSR.


Wolf Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By Wolf Ammo:

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