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Bullets - 30 Cal - 135 Grain FTX - Hornady - 100 Bullets

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Quantity - 100 bullets
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullet - 135 grain FTX
Diameter - .308 inches This is not loaded ammunition
Bullet Weight 135 Grain
Caliber 308 Win
Bullet Diameter .308 Inches
Quantity 100
Bullet Type Flex-Tip-Technology (FTX)
Manufacturer Hornady
Manufacturer SKU 3027
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Hornady FTX bullets are some of the most versatile available to hunters. In addition to the tried and true long range bolt action, FTX bullets also work well in lever action and semi automatic rifles due to their polymer tipped construction, which provides safe and reliable feeding in tubular and box magazines. This 100 round box of .30 caliber bullets is an excellent choice for a variety of calibers and can be adapted to many different types of game.

FTX (Flex Tip) bullets are constructed with a lead core, heavy copper jacket, and aerodynamic polymer tip. The core and jacket are mechanically bound together by an Interlock ring on the shank of the projectile. These particular bullets weigh 135 grains and are well suited for taking deer and other mid-size game; in calibers such as the .308 Win, this is a relatively light bullet with a flat trajectory, limited penetration, and fearsome expansion.

Hornady products are made in Grand Island, Nebraska. Although many shooters know Hornady for its high-end ammunition, the company has always been a leader in the field of bullet design since its establishment in the 1940s, with the ammo only arriving later in the 1980s. Hornady bullets are renowned for their high production quality and are used by many ammo manufacturers and reloaders.

**This is not loaded ammunition.**
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