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Bullets - .338" - 200 Grain SP-RP Interlock - Hornady - 100 Projectiles

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Manufacturer - Hornady Diameter - .338"
Bullet Weight - 200 Grain
Jacket Type - SP-RP This is not loaded ammunition
Bullet Weight 200 Grain
Caliber 338 Lapua
Bullet Diameter .338 Inches
Quantity 100
Bullet Type Soft-Point (SP)
Manufacturer Hornady
Manufacturer SKU 3310
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These Spire-Point Round-Point (SP-RP) bullets from Hornady are among the highest quality projectiles that you can handload for big game. This package includes 100 count of 200 grain Interlock bullets that measure to .338 inches in diameter. They are suitable for use in creating .338 Lapua Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, and many other high performance rifle calibers.

Bullets from the Interlock line have a thin internal ring at the base of the bullet below the cannelure. It is embedded in the lead core of the bullet and serves to prevent jacket separation after entry and preserve the momentum needed to take down big game like elk and buffalo. The cannelure provides a space for precise and repeatable crimping while Hornady's "secant ogive" research leaves the bullet with the most perfect shape for superior flight characteristics and superb accuracy. The top of the bullet features an exposed lead tip for expansion on impact which is enhanced by internal grooves which strategically weaken the copper jacket close to where it meets the lead tip.

This is not loaded ammunition.
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