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Bullets - 357 Magnum (.357) - 110 Grain TMJ - Speer - 3100

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Quantity - 3,100 bullets per case
Manufacturer - Speer
Bullets - 110 grain total metal jacket (TMJ)
Diameter - .357" This is not loaded ammunition
Bullet Weight 110 Grain
Caliber 357 Mag, 357 Maximum, 38 Special
Bullet Diameter .357 inches
Quantity 3100
Bullet Type Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Bullets
Manufacturer Speer
Manufacturer SKU 74008
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Please read this first! This is not loaded ammunition! These are .357” diameter component bullets that handloaders can use to make their own 38 Special or 357 Magnum cartridges. If you do not load your own ammunition, you will be unable to use this case of bullets!

You love handloading, but you don’t love it solely for its own sake. You want darn good cartridges for all your time and trouble. (Pardon our French.) So why not load Speer’s fine 110 grain total metal jacket projectiles?

Speer’s TMJ bullet is created according to the proprietary Uni-Cor process. That process takes a lead core and layers it in a completely uniform layer of copper alloy for heightened stability in flight. The Uni-Cor process also yields 100 percent jacketed bullets, so the bright heat ignition can’t evaporate any lead in their cores. This pretty much does away with lead fouling, promotes a cleaner indoor range, protects you from inhaling toxic lead, and also keeps the base unmelted for more consistent ballistic performance.

This case has 3,100 bullets inside of it. That means you can load … let’s see … 3,100 bullets … divide by the square root of 13 … apply the Bernoulli equation … find the hypotenuse … factor in the rotation of the earth … right, that means you can load 3,100 cartridges!

Please note: TMJ bullets are not suitable for firearms with ported barrels or ported recoil compensators.
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