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Bullets - 6.5mm (.264") - 160 Grain InterLock RN - Hornady - 100


(45.0¢ per round)

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Quantity - 100 bullets per box
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullets - 160 grain InterLock Round Nose (RN)
Diameter - .264" This is not loaded ammunition
Cost Per Round 45.0¢ per round
Bullet Weight 160 Grain
Caliber 6.5mm, 6.5mm Grendel, 6.5x55
Bullet Diameter .264 inches
Quantity 100
Bullet Type Round Nose Soft Point (RNSP)
Manufacturer Hornady
Manufacturer SKU 2640
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These 6.5mm diameter projectiles are perfect for hunters who like to handcraft their own ammunition. As a part of Hornady's InterLock line, these projectiles feature one-piece lead cores of incorruptible density that are wrapped in a copper jacket save for the exposed lead nose. The design is intended to cause devastating expansion which is controlled by the bullets internal base-ring as well as by its toothed cannelure; this allows the round to penetrate appropriately before its expansion causes it to yaw and throw its energy into the most vital areas.

The toothed cannelure also serves to give reloaders a consistent crimp point during cartridge assembly. A total projectile weight of 160 grains places the round on the heavy side for most of the appropriate calibers and is perfect for taking down large and medium game. Hornady manufactures the InterLock brand of projectiles using nearly seven decades of experience during which they have earned a reputation for quality bullets and ammunition. **This is not loaded ammunition.**
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