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Digital Range Shot Timer - Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II - Gray

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Manufacturer - Competition Electronics
Battery - One 9 volt (not included)
Color - Gray
Additional data 462
Manufacturer Comp Electronics
Color Grey
UPC Barcode 787735047103
Manufacturer SKU CEI-4710
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Are you looking for the ultimate solution for timing your shots while you practice or shoot competitively? Then Competition Electronics’ Pocket Pro II digital range timer is exactly what you need! This handy piece of equipment fits right in the palm of your hand, and has a clip so you can attach it to your belt. The Pocket Pro II features a loud start and stop buzzer that is easily audible through your hearing protection, and its large start button is placed on its side for convenient operation. Its sensor, which detects whenever you have fired a shot, is automatic so you can focus on your aim.

The Pocket Pro II has a very intuitive user interface, so learning how to operate it will not be torturous like it is with too many pieces of new technology. It has a large and easy to read lighted LCD display that faces upwards when you wear the device, which you can configure to read three different ways. With it you can record single or multiple shots, how many shots you have fired in a minute, and more. The device will automatically turn off ten minutes after you’ve last fired, so you needn’t worry about draining your battery.

The Pocket Pro II is American-made and comes with a two year warranty.
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