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Earmuffs - Howard Leight - Impact Sport - Electronic Earmuffs - 22 NRR - 1 Set


30 In Stock


Manufacturer - Howard Leight
Manufacturer sku - R-01526
NRR - 22
Manufacturer Howard Leight
Manufacturer SKU R-01526
Quantity 1
Protection Type Hearing Protection
UPC Barcode 033552015260
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Howard Leight's Impact Sport electronic earmuffs are great for shooters and hunters alike. With it's hunter green color, it blends in with the wearer's camouflage and fits comfortably. Impact Sport earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 22 NRR ensuring they'll protect your hearing.

Impact Sport utilizes built-in directional microphones that amplify quiet ambient noises to a safe 82 dB level allowing shooters to hear quiet animal movements, conversations, and important range commands between shots. Impact Sport's earmuffs automatically shut off noise amplification when ambient sound exceeds 82 dB protecting a shooter's hearing.

This model is designed to enhance a shooter's ability to determine sound direction creating a better situational awareness making these earmuffs excellent for competitions such as IDPA events. The muffs fold conveniently into a low profile design making them easy to store in a shooting bag.

These earmuffs are equipped with an AUX input which allows connection to an external MP3 players or other audio devices for additional listening off the field.

Batteries: 2-AAA Batteries (Included)
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