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Earplugs - Peltor - Combat Arms - Indoor/Outdoor - 22 NRR - 1 Set

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Manufacturer - Peltor
Manufacturer sku - 97079-00000
NRR - 22
Manufacturer Peltor
Manufacturer SKU 97079-00000
Quantity 1
Protection Type Hearing Protection
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Peltor's patented Combat Arms ear plug technology brings two types of protection based on which end of the plugs are inserted into the shooter's ears. These plugs are used by the US Military and are ideal for shooters who want both passive and active noise protection with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 dB.

The olive end is designed for constant noise reduction ideally suited for indoor ranges where gunfire noise is constant. For outdoor ranges with more sporadic shooting the yellow end makes a great hearing protector allowing for normal conversations to be heard in between shots. The yellow end features a filter which is instantly activated to protect your hearing when a shot is fired.

This patented plug design features a triple flange design for a great fit and include a reusable storage case.

Peltor brings over 40 years of experience to the table to provide premium hearing protection that is both comfortable and effective.
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