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GunVault Digital Handgun Safe - MicroVault 500STD

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Manufacturer - GunVault
Dimensions - 8.5" L x 2.5" H x 11" W
Manufacturer SKU - MV500STD
Color - Black
Manufacturer Gunvault
Manufacturer SKU MV500STD
Weight (empty) 4 lbs
Length 8.5"
Width 11"
Height 2.5"
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Keeping your handgun secure doesn’t have to be the same as keeping it inaccessible thanks to GunVault’s MicroVault! The industry leader created this sturdy yet lightweight digital gun safe so that you can keep your weapon accessible only to you, wherever you go.

The MiniVault is made of hearty 20 gauge steel, so regular wear and tear won’t compromise its ability to keep its contents safe. This safe is lined with protective foam, so it won’t scratch your valuable handgun’s finish, and it has the space needed to store extra mags as well. MiniVault’s strong locking mechanism will keep prying hands and curious children away from your firearm!

The unique No-Eyes keypad lets you open the MiniVault without even looking. Simply place your four fingers on the indentations on top of the safe and press in your code in from memory. It’s an incredibly easy device to operate, especially if you like storing your weapon under a car seat.

The MiniVault includes a steel security cable and mounting option, so you can secure it in place anywhere you like. Its automatic lockout mode will kick in after too many invalid entries, after which only the included backup override key will open it. The portable 4 lb MiniVault is powered by one 9 volt battery (not included).

California Department of Justice approved!

Interior Dimensions: 6.5" L x 2" H x 10.75" W
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