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G42 6 Round 380 ACP Glock Factory Magazine with Pinky Rest Extension - Black

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Manufacturer - Glock Factory
Capacity - 6 Rounds
Caliber - 380 Auto
Firearm Platform - Glock 42 Only
Magazine Capacity 6 Rounds
Ammo Caliber .380 Auto (ACP)
Firearm Compatibility Glock 42
Manufacturer Glock
Manufacturer SKU MF08833
Quantity 1
UPC Barcode 764503911576
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If you'd like to shoot a bit longer at the range before having to pause to refill your magazines or want some extra rounds for backup for your Glock 42, these factory mags are a great choice.

These particular mags come with a grip extension so you can control your weapon with all five fingers. The only downside to this is an increase in weight and bulk and the resulting impact on concealability, so if your usual choice of clothing gives you some leeway you can use these for concealed carry as well.

Glock 42 mags are constructed of sturdy gray polymer with a heat treated metal liner that holds up to 6 rounds of .380 ACP ammunition in a single-stack format. These mags are not compatible with Glock pistols other than the G42 due to their unique combination of size and caliber.
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