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Silica Gel - 750 Gram - Moisture Absorbing Canister - 1 Reusable Canister

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Quantity - 1 - 750 gram steel canister
Dimensions - 6.5" Tall x 4" Wide
Coverage - 57 cubic ft of contained air space

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Dry-pack moisture absorbing canisters are an excellent tool to place in your gun cases, closets, garages, and other conditioned spaces to absorb moisture than can deteriorate your firearms over time helping to protect your investment! This product is portable, compact, and requires no cords or power supply.

This steel desiccant canister is rugged and reusable utilizing top of the line orange indicating silica gel which is reusable by simply re-activating in the oven. Directions are included with the case.

750 gram canisters are designed to cover 57 cubic ft of contained air space.
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