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Surplus Mil Spec Ammo Can - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - Fair Condition - 1

Out of stock


Quantity - 1 Green Ammo Can
Caliber - 9mm
Outside Dimensions: 11.75" L x 5.5" W x 7" H
Material - Metal
Manufacturer Military Surplus
Quantity 1
Condition Used
Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
Length 11"
Width 5.5"
Height 7"
Material Steel
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The product photo is an example of one of the worst quality ammo cans from this batch. Any can you purchase will likely be better quality than the photo!

This is a bona fide military surplus 50 Cal M2A1 ammo can! The government was gracious enough to part with a huge number of these things at an auction we recently attended -- not because they’re giving up their habit of storing massive quantities of ammo, but because the cans were a little too well-used for our soldiers’ taste. We assume that at one point a cadet complained to their drill instructor that they didn’t like using anything save for brand new ammo cans, and the drill instructor very politely registered their concern and ordered up a fresh new batch of ammo cans especially for them. In any event, you’re the real winner here, because this leftover ammo can works great!

We separated our newfound trove of used mil-spec ammo cans into two categories: good and fair. This is one of the fair ones. Please expect some minor rusting both inside and out, as well as some dings and bends that add character without sacrificing functionality. This ammo can has seen some action, and is pretty well scuffed and may even have some spray paint on it. If you’re after a versatile ammo storage solution that you won’t feel terrible for damaging yourself, this can is a great way to go. It’s also stellar as a prop for a haunted house or other entertainment venue, and if you’re filming a movie with scenes in a military base or bunker a few of these stacked up in the background will add real authenticity!

This can is made of steel, and is without doubt ready to withstand a lot more abuse than the Armed Forces alone could have subjected it to. Its lid still closes tight to allow its gasket to do its trick, and its handle and bail work as well.
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