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Targets - Birchwood Casey - Dirty Bird - Black - 12" - 12 Reactive Sight-In Targets

Out of stock


Quantity - 12 - 12" Black Targets
Manufacturer SKU - 35212
Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU 35212
Target Type Reactive
Quantity 12
Length 12
Width 12
UPC Barcode 029057352122
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The record for the 14th longest recorded sniper kill belongs to Billy Dixon, who in 1874 shot a man with a Sharps rifle from 1,538 yards away. Dixon himself says that it was a "scratch shot,” but that’s exactly the kind of thing you would say if you wanted to look extra cool after accomplishing so impressive a feat. With one exception during the Vietnam War, every other longer record sniper kill has been set during this millennium.

Dixon was a buffalo hunter. Buffalo are in a sense reactive targets, because they certainly react when you shoot them. However, it is impractical to use buffalo to sight in your rifle, because you would need a lot of them and they are rare thanks in part to the efforts of men like Billy Dixon. If you want to sight in your scope to the point where you can make very impressive shots as well, then you need a reactive target like this one by Birchwood Casey.

This 12 inch Dirty Bird target will put a highly visible white splatter around each one of your shots so that you can easily assess your performance from far away. A highly visible grid of white lines form a one inch grid around the target. Five bullseyes mean you can make extended use of each target, and the sturdy tagboard they are made of will hold up well over the course of your practice shoot. Great for both indoor and outdoor shooting, the Dirty Bird is an indispensable accessory no matter how you practice!
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