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Targets - Birchwood Casey - Dirty Bird - Multi Color - 8" - 20 Targets


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Quantity - 20 - 8" Multi-Color Targets included
Manufacturer SKU - 35820
Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU 35820
Target Type Reactive
Quantity 20
Length 8.5
Width 8.5
UPC Barcode 029057358209
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Dirty Bird targets made by industry leading Birchwood Casey are an excellent training tool to help you hone your accuracy. Birchwood's patented technology causes the bullet hole to explode in fluorescent color providing instant feedback to the shooter.

These targets are excellent for indoor ranges, especially at longer distances, where it is often difficult to see where the bullet entered the target with only dim lighting available.

Each concentric circle has its own color splatter, so you can tell by the color how close you are to the center saving a walk down range!

These non-adhesive targets are made with heavy tagboard construction making them easy to affix to any surface of your choice and easily save for future reference.

This kit has 20-8" Targets.
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