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Uncle Mike's Black Scoped Rifle Case - 48”


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Manufacturer - Uncle Mike's
Model # - 41202BK
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
This case holds a 48" long rifle
Color Black
Length 48"
Manufacturer Uncle Mike's
UPC Barcode 043699012695
Manufacturer SKU 41202BK
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You saved up and spent good money to buy your rifle. You zeroed in its scope with precision that would make NASA engineers jealous. You might even use that precious piece of hardware to put food on the table. And you’ll be darned – pardon our French, but will be darned if you’re not going to put that rifle in a padded case whenever you’re not firing it.

Uncle Mike’s caters to folks who know how to take care of their firearms. This 48” scoped rifle case features a durable synthetic exterior and thick padded interior, with a smooth, snag-resistant liner that won’t put even a microscopic scratch on your long gun. The case’s tough wraparound handles are perfectly positioned to balance the weight of your rifle while you are carrying it. And thanks to the case’s full-length metal zippers, it’ll lay flat whenever you open it up all the way. Your gear deserves no less!
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