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7.62x39 - 122 gr HP - Tula - 640 Round Spam Can

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37 7.62x39 Ammo In Stock - 122 gr HP - 7.62x39 Ammunition by Tula For Sale - 640 Round Tin are in stock


27.7ยข per round


Quick Overview

Ammo Quantity - 640 rounds (20 rounds per box, 32 boxes per SPAM Can)
Ammo Manufacturer - Tula
Bullets - 122 grain hollow point (HP)
Ammo Casings - Berdan-primed, polymer-coated steel case
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This newly manufactured 7.62x39 hollow point ammunition is ideal for hunting, target practice, range training, or plinking. It is both economical and reliable and is produced by one of the most established ammunition plants in the world.

Tula ammunition derives its name from its birthplace, the Tula Cartridge Works in Tula, Russia.

The Tula Cartridge Works plant was founded in 1880 and is currently one of the largest ammunition manufacturing plants in the world. The Tula name has gained a following worldwide for its rugged, reliable, and economical product. This cartridge complies with CIP requirements and the casing features a polymer-coated steel casing with a non-corrosive Berdan Primer. The projectile features a bimetal jacket (contains steel and copper) and a lead core resulting in excellent ballistics characteristics.

This ammunition is rugged like the country where it was manufactured and keeps its qualities under temperatures ranging from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring that it will perform when needed most.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tula Cartridge Works
Condition New
Bullet Weight 122 Grain
Bullet Type Hollow-Point (HP)
Use Type Self Defense, Range Training
Ammo Casing Steel
Quantity 640
Ammo Caliber 7.62X39
Manufacturer SKU UL076205
Primer Type Berdan
UPC Barcode 814950015041


Phillip Barr ( Fri, 07 Jun 2013 15:26:03 +0000 ) : Good Stuff ,,
Jason Meister ( Tue, 11 Feb 2014 18:50:14 +0000 ) : Are you guys going to continue to carry this spam can ammo??
Heidi Gunner ( Fri, 14 Feb 2014 19:26:39 +0000 ) : Hey Jason, Thanks for the question. We do plan to have more of the spam cans in stock as soon as we can get them in from Tula. Right now, things are still pretty wild in terms of overall supply and we have a ton of ammo on order in a bunch of different calibers. Sorry for the frustration, we know 2013 and so far 2014 haven't been easy on shooters.

Product Question and Answer

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Customer Reviews

excelent value Review by crazy bear
the spam can I bought was an excellent value .it works perfect with no problem loading in my rifle. I will buy more in the future I received my order in four days. GREAT SERVICE (Posted on 3/12/14)
Great ammo Review by Krate
Great ammo at a great price. It works very well in my SKS. No failures to load or eject. I highly recommend this ammo and Lucky Gunner! (Posted on 8/22/13)
Spamcan! Review by Alexander
Great ammo. No misfires, nu duds, perfect. AK eats that with no problem at all... then agian, it is AK. It is bit dirty, clean your gun, and you'll be fine. Love the idea of spam can, great for storage for the long run. Thanks LG! Outstanding customer service. (Posted on 8/2/13)
Tula is just fine! Review by Shawn
The stuff in the spam can is great! When are you guys gonna get some more 5.56 Tula in...that is what I need now! (Posted on 2/18/13)
VERY GOOD AMMO Review by Richard
I will buy from Lucky Gunner. I shot 600 rounds no misfires or jams. GOOD AMMO...... (Posted on 11/2/12)
Great Deal, reasonable priced, readily available. Review by WildBilz
This is a great deal, I like the ammo can lots, as easier to store backup ammo. Pricing is equal to practically every bulk ammo dealer I've seen, so it's a good deal, especially knowing it is in stock "now". Only complaint would be pricing, but who wouldn't like to control that. Outstanding purchase. (Posted on 10/16/12)
Fast delivery Review by Al
I am very happy with the 7.62x39 640 rd. ammo in the sealed can. Great ammo for a great price. (Posted on 6/30/12)
Great Ammo, Awsome Value, Luckygunner has great shipping Review by sn0wman4unc
Received ammo within 3 days of ordering it. Packaged well. Great shooting ammo for SKS or AK Variants. (Posted on 6/6/12)
Good Enough Review by Patrick
At the time I bought these "canned" rounds, they were going for only half a cent more per round ($5 per thousand) than the same ammo without the steel case. I am not a prepper, but I do lay in ammo when I can for personal practice. Some of it sits a while depending on what we like to shoot. It's kinda random...some months rifles, some months pistols. Either way, I have had some steel ammo sitting for a few years. We are hot and humid in the summer, and even though I have never had a real problem with steel corrosion, a sealed can was a no-brainer for me especially when the cost is the same.

As for the ammo itself, it shoots good and is not as dirty as some of the older stuff others sell. Either the E. Europeans have responded to complaints of dirty ammo or I just don't notice as much, but this seems to run cleaner than past ammo. It cycles my AK SBR (a modified Draco) without issue. Given the variability of AK SBRs this may or may not apply to you.

I can tap 8" and 6" steel at 50 yards with the SBR and original iron sights. I don't compete, so I am quite happy with this ammo. It's not "Match Grade" like the brass Fiocchi I have purchased before (shot from another gun), but it gets the job done at less than 1/3rd the cost. And who would seriously expect "Match Grade" from a Draco turned SBR?

I have not group tested this beyond the steel, so could not tell you exactly what the spread would look like. But, based on the "tone" of my hits on the steel they seem to be grouping well (some steel setups will sound different depending on where you hit the plate...shoot enough at that plate and you can tell where you hit it within reason). I think I am getting 1-2 MOA out of it, but again...SBR Draco - not a tack-driver, sniper-operator, ninja, samurai precision machine. Or whatever. It's just fun and accurate. I'd use this setup hunting small to medium game, but probably not big hogs. (Posted on 5/28/12)
It's in stock and the service is great! Review by Yosh
I have been very happy with Luckygunner.com. When they say they have it in stock, they have it in stock and it ships the next day. Very reliable and prompt service. I definitely recommend these folks for all you ammo needs. And the price is right too. (Posted on 5/14/12)
spam can of tulammo hp Review by John
for this price I couldn't pass up this deal. everywhere else they were charging an arm and leg for a spam can and it comes with the tool to open it how awesome is that. the ammo burns a little bit dirty but just clean your gun and you will be fine. (Posted on 4/7/12)
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