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7.62x51mm - 175gr LRM -Tracer - XM62 - Lake City - 250 Rounds Loose

Large image of Bulk 7.62x51mm 175 gr Tracer XM62 Lake City Ammo - 250 Rounds

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88.0ยข per round

Quick Overview

Quantity - 250 rounds loose
Manufacturer - Lake City
Bullets - 175 gr LRM Tracer
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
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This XM62 Tracer ammo is manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) for your 7.62x51mm chambered rifle.

This XM62 tracer ammo, indicated by an orange tip,begins tracing at around 200 yards. Although considered military seconds, these rounds are very accurate and reliable. Military specifications are very stringent and if just a few rounds out of a huge batch fail specifications, then entire lot is sold to the commercial market as seconds. This fact presents an awesome deal to avid shooters getting to benefit from the huge production scale of our military which helps reduce the cost as well as getting to ride on the coat tails of our military's R&D expenditures.

Additionally, this brass is manufactured on mil-spec production lines which require evidence of the annealing process be left on the brass near the neck of the casing often referred to as the iris. This is the darker residue that is visually noticeable around the case neck. Both commercial and mil-spec brass undergoes this same annealing process which make the brass stronger and less brittle. The annealing process essentially runs the brass through a series of flames which heat the brass having the affect of re-strengthening it in its final shape. Commercial brass is then re-cleaned after it has been annealed to make it cosmetically more appealing for the commercial market. Military requirements on the other hand place a larger emphasis on the structural integrity of the casing so they require that evidence that the brass has been annealed remain on the brass.

Try a case today and have a great time doing low-light shooting.

This ammo is brass-cased with case mouth sealant , boxer primed with water resistant lacquering, non-corrosive and reloadable.

This ammo should not be fired in dry environments as it can present a possible fire hazard.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Lake City
Condition New
Bullet Weight 175 Grain
Bullet Type Tracer
Use Type Range Training, Match Shooting
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 250
Ammo Caliber .308 (7.62X51)
Primer Type Boxer


Gilbert Price ( Tue, 07 May 2013 00:41:42 +0000 ) : there goes the shooting sport, not your guys fault its gone way over what anyone can afford. sounds like the gasoline situation....
Don Coleman ( Tue, 07 May 2013 12:03:19 +0000 ) : Price gouging, pure and simple.

Product Question and Answer

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Q: Can you shoot 7.62x51 through .308 bolt action rifle safely?

Posted On: 9/11/13 By: adam

A: Yes. These Lake City 7.62x51 rifle rounds may safely be fired through your 308 rifle. The maximum pressure rating for the 308 round is higher than the 7.62 variation. This difference is not significant enough to worry about the function of the rifle. If you are shooting at longer distances, some scope adjustment may be needed if your rifle is sighted in for a different round you have previously been working with. These tracer rounds may be restricted at indoor ranges due to the burning tracer element at the base of the bullet.

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