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40 S&W - 180 gr FMJ - Fiocchi - 1000 Rounds

Large image of 40 SW - 180 gr FMJ - Fiocchi - 1000 Rounds

View images of this 40 S&W Ammo from Fiocchi - of 1,000 180 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition

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22 40 SW - 180 gr FMJ - Fiocchi - 1000 Rounds are in stock


30.5ยข per round


Quick Overview

Quantity - 1000 rounds (20 boxes of 50 rounds)
Manufacturer - Fiocchi
Bullets - 180 grain full metal jacket truncated cone (FMJTC)
Casings - Boxer primed brass
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Newly manufactured by Fiocchi, this product is excellent for target practice and shooting exercises.

This product is brass-cased, Boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is both economical and precision manufactured by an established European (Italian) cartridge producer.

Video Transcript:

Established in 1872 in Italy, Fiocchi makes a wide variety of ammunition for the range, for hunting, and for various military forces. We shot some of the .40 Smith & Wesson ammo, which features a reloadable brass case, a 180 grain lead core bullet with a full metal jacket, and a non-corrosive primer.

Accuracy was overall pretty consistent, with a couple of fliers going low and right from the rest at 15 yards using our SIG P226. Reliability was great in most of our test guns, but we did have several failures to feed with a Smith & Wesson M&P Compact. The only other ammo this gun has had any issues with is the Fiocchi 170 grain and .40 Smith & Wesson, so there's just something about this ammo that doesn't agree with the Smith & Wesson.

Fiocchi ammo is trusted by NATO forces and has several other reputable industry certifications. The problems we had with the .40 caliber ammo may just be a fluke, but it does seem to otherwise be high-quality ammunition. The brass is suitable for reloading and the rounds weren't especially dirty when fired.

Depending on what gun you're using, if you don't mind the prospect of maybe having to practice a few malfunction drills, then Fiocchi ammo and .40 Smith & Wesson is not a bad overall choice.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fiocchi
Condition New
Bullet Weight 180 Grain
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Use Type Range Training
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 1,000
Ammo Caliber .40 S&W (Smith & Wesson)
Manufacturer SKU 40SWD
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1000
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 399
UPC Barcode 762344861760


Product Question and Answer

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Customer Reviews

This ammo is ok, I shot one thousand rounds of it without any problems. Although it's a little dirtier and a little less acurate then the Blazer Brass in my opinion. Heidi rocks and so does lucky Gunner, they ship faster than I can draw and shoot. Review by Joe G
Good ammo for practice, if all your doing is putting holes in paper or target practicing for fun. I would not buy it again though as long as they had Blazer Brass in stock, in my opinion it's cleaner and more accurate. As always Heidi and the team are fast, real fast! All I ask is that you guys stay competitive with your prices. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Nice... Review by Onedurwho
Great price and fastest shipping I've had on ANY ammo. Run these through my Glocks, Beretta's, S&W's, Baby Eagle and HK with no problems. You bet I'll be back.!. (Posted on 3/2/14)
Fiocchi as good as ever Review by Patrick
Fiocchi is fast becoming my favorite brand for most rounds. They have a good selection and I have never had issue with their stuff.

The same applies to this 40 S&W round. Clean, consistent and accurate in our Glocks, FNs and other guns. Good price and tightly packaged, too.
(Posted on 2/17/14)
I will be back!! Review by Jesse
Good stuff at a great price!! Ordered late Saturday. At my door Tuesday afternoon. I will be back for more!! (Posted on 2/4/14)
I'll be back. Review by Jesse
Good stuff and a great price. Ordered late Saturday...was on my door Tuesday afternoon. I'll be back for more! (Posted on 2/4/14)
Fiocchi Ammo Review by Tim
Very clean ammo. I use Fiocchi in both my 9 & 40MM. No problems at all. Quick delivery too. A good value in my opinion. (Posted on 12/29/13)
I like it Review by Lou
I have had this stuff before and that is why I bought it again,this was the best price. (Posted on 8/20/12)
Excellent training round...no fouling of the semiauto mechanism after 250 rounds through my Glock22 Review by mdh
Clean ammo.
No problems with feed or ejection. (Posted on 11/27/10)
An Excellent Choice Review by Dick_M15
Fired 400 rounds through my H&K USP without the slightest problem. Evenly balanced as they strip cleanly and cycle without a problem. Will buy again. (Posted on 9/21/10)
Great Stuff - "I'll Be Back!" Review by Glock 23
My Glock feasted on this stuff like politicians do on your tax money.

No misfires, no jams, no problems.

Fiocchi is a great brand. I will be back. (Posted on 7/1/10)

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