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17 HM2 - 15.5 Grain NTX - Hornady Varmint Express - 50 Rounds

Out of stock


Quantity - 50 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullets - 15.5 grain NTX
Casings - Rimfire-primed brass
Manufacturer Hornady
Condition New
Bullet Weight 15.5 Grain
Bullet Type NTX
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 50
Ammo Caliber .17 HM2 (Mach 2)
Manufacturer SKU 83176
Primer Type Rimfire
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 2050
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 149
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 090255831764
Use Type
Varmint Hunting
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17 HM2 will not work in firearms chambered for 17 HMR.

You’re a varmint hunter with a need for speed. That’s why you love the 17 Hornady Mach 2. With so little bullet it nearly doubles the velocity of the 22 LR, letting you beeline tack driving shots into vermin as easily as pointing your finger at them.

The NTX is not a punk rock band from the ‘80s. No, this round’s 15.5 grain projectile is lead-free, highly accurate, and makes critters deader than disco. The NTX’s core is made of frangible copper alloy, which is at once nontoxic and lightweight to promote faster muzzle velocities. The bullet’s Advanced Manufacturing jacket possesses all the balance which a flat trajectory demands – its 0.115 G1 BC attests to that. And on impact the NTX’s tip smashes into its core, sending copper powder and shrapnel outward in an exaggerated display of terminal fragmentation.

Varmint Express ammunition is loaded with select brass, supremely sensitive rimfire primers, and inspected by hand to ensure hunters are armed with only the best. Varmint hunting is serious business in Nebraska, where Hornady is headquartered. This is serious varmint hunting ammo!
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