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9mm - +P 65 Grain ARX - PolyCase Inceptor Preferred Defense - 25 Rounds

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Quantity - 50 rounds per box
Manufacturer - PolyCase
Bullets - 65 grain Advanced Rotation eXtreme (ARX)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Manufacturer Polycase
Condition New
Bullet Weight 65 Grain
Bullet Type ARX
Ammo Casing Brass Casings
Quantity 25
Ammo Caliber 9mm Ammo For Sale
Manufacturer SKU 9ARXRUG
Primer Type Boxer Primers
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1620
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 379
Use Type
Self Defense
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PolyCase's Inceptor Preferred Defense loads utilize traditional components alongside a unique ARX (Advanced Rotation eXtreme) projectile which is designed for self-defense without the use of a hollow cavity or expansive qualities. Each 9mm Luger round is built using a reloadable brass casing from Jagemann which is equipped with a non-corrosive Boxer primer. When struck, the primer throws a consistent spit of flame towards a +P load of clean-burning propellant. The round is topped off with a 65-grain bullet which comprises a mixture of polymer and gilding metal.

ARX bullets feature three flutes that use the spin imparted by rifling to produce lateral energy when entering a target. This design is intended to penetrate through light intermediate barriers without clogging before creating large wound cavities in threats and delivering massive kinetic force throughout travel. While 65 grains is light for the 9x19mm caliber, it produces relatively light recoil and is loaded to +P pressures for a flat trajectory alongside deep penetration. PolyCase is an American company that was founded in 2012 and uses solid aerodynamic engineering principles to support its cartridge designs.
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