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Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) Ammo Review

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Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) Ammo Information

Military Ballistic Industries Ammo Review American-made Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) supplies quality ammunition for military, law enforcement agencies, and training ranges in the United States.  Military Ballistic Industries Ammunition is a remanufactured product that is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.  Remanufactured ammunition is produced by assembling carefully selected components to include specialty bullets, propellants, primers, and previously spent brass cartridge casings.  The bullets, propellant, and primers are always newly manufactured while the brass cartridge casings are typically reprocessed to reduce costs or improve consistency.

Military Ballistic Industries components come from highly reputable manufacturers.  The propellant is manufactured by Hodgedon, the bullets are manufactured by Berry's Bullets in St. George, Utah, and the primers are manufactured by either CCI or Winchester.  In addition to using only the best available components, Military Ballistic Industries ammunition is assembled using some of the most modern electronic press equipment available. 

Military Ballistic Industries is not just remanufactured ammunition.  Military Ballistic Industries ammo is great quality remanufactured ammunition for the serious shooter.  The fact that is costs less than most new ammunition is simply an added benefit.


Where Military Ballistic Industries Ammo Is Manufactured

Military Ballistic Industries Ammunition is manufactured in the United States by an established American cartridge producer.


Military Ballistic Industries Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By Military Ballistic Industries Ammo

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