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Earmuffs - Howard Leight - Impact Sport Bolt - Electronic Earmuffs - 22 NRR - 1 Set

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Manufacturer - Howard Leight
Manufacturer SKU - R-02525
NRR - 22

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Manufacturer Howard Leight
Manufacturer SKU R-02525
Quantity 1
Protection Type Hearing Protection
UPC Barcode 033552025252
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Protect your hearing and foster your concentration with these Impact Sport Bolt earmuffs by Howard Leight. These earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 22 and respond to loud continuous noise within an amazingly fast 0.5ms and automatically reduce the intensity of the sound.

This is over 250 times faster than its predecessor model that you've become familiar with for years achieved by switching from analog technology to digital. Their foldable design makes them easy to stow in your range bag on the go, and the padded headband provides extra comfort during long range sessions.

Proper ear and eye protection should be a top priority for both casual and competitive shooters. Order your Howard Leight earmuffs today!
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