Glock vs M&P

Glock pistols have consistently been among the best-selling handguns in the US since the 1990s, but Smith and Wesson finally came up with a serious competitor for the polymer pistol with the introduction of the M&P series a few years back. Key law enforcement officials, top-level competitors, and legally-armed citizens have all taken notice, and Glock’s spot at the top of the handgun market is no longer a sure thing. There are plenty of other great handguns out there, but the Glock vs. M&P debates continually rise to the forefront since the two pistols have so much in common.

In this edition of Make Up Your Mind Monday, we cover the most common pros and cons that come up whenever a poor, hapless shopper dares ask, “Should I buy a Glock or M&P?” For now, we’ve limited the debate to the full-size 9mm and .40S&W versions of these pistols.

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