Glock pistols have consistently been among the best-selling handguns in the US since the 1990s, but Smith and Wesson finally came up with a serious competitor for the polymer pistol with the introduction of the M&P series a few years back. Key law enforcement officials, top-level competitors, and legally-armed citizens have all taken notice, and Glock’s spot at the top of the handgun market is no longer a sure thing. There are plenty of other great handguns out there, but the Glock vs. M&P debates continually rise to the forefront since the two pistols have so much in common.

In this edition of Make Up Your Mind Monday, we cover the most common pros and cons that come up whenever a poor, hapless shopper dares ask, “Should I buy a Glock or M&P?” For now, we’ve limited the debate to the full-size 9mm and .40S&W versions of these pistols.

Which would be your preference for a full size pistol chambered for 9mm or 40S&W; Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P?

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  • Marc Hinkes

    S&W M&P!!! 😀
    Love my M&Ps 😎

  • Monica Brady

    I have both a G19 and a S&W M&P Shield… love them both for their own purposes…

    • LG Chris

      Monica, those are both great guns and a couple of my favorites. Unfortunately, there is no M&P with comparable dimensions to the Glock 19, and Glock has yet to make a single stack compact 9mm. But that may change depending on what they reveal at SHOT show next month!

  • Ray Roper

    I have both Glock23 & S&W M&P Shield .40 Cal.. I too love them both.

  • Marshal Truckie

    M&P 45

  • Britt Stokes

    I have a G23 and a M&P .40. The S&W points where it should, but when I do the same stance and grip with the Glock, it is pointing left of the target… just doesn’t fit my hand as well as the M&P.

  • John Morrison

    Smith M&P… My M&P-45 has well over 20k rounds on the clock and not problems yet, it’s accurate, reliable and amazing easy to shoot well.

  • Lee N Marcy Harpe

    Glock’s all the way!!!!!!

  • Lee Holston

    I own both an MP40.saw and a glock,22 40.saw each one has its own attributes but if I had to choose one,I’d have to choose the MP.

  • Chris Reha

    I own a S&W .40 I carry on duty, I love the weapon! I shot it right out of the box better than any weapon I own other than my 1911. I also own a Glock 22, I often carry it off duty, I like it better than any Glock I have ever owned, I had a G17 1st gen hated it and a G23 3rd, did not shoot it well at all. The Smith is by far my favorite of these 2 choices!

    • LG Chris

      Chris, just curious… if the M&P is your duty gun and you like it, why do you sometimes carry the Glock 22 off duty? Is there any significant difference in your ability to shoot and handle the two?

    • Chris Reha

      I actually shoot the S&W better and it fits my hand better. I used to shoot competition 1911 and the grip angle is similar to the M&P where the Glock is totally different. I have had trouble finding the front sight with the past Glocks due to the angle. ( Force the muzzle down) I do like the Glock 22, just don’t shoot it as well, I also carry a baby XD 9mm (similar angle to the 1911) concealed sometimes, shoot it better than the Glock too. A lot of my “Brothers” carry the Glock and swear by them, kind of a peer pressure thing so I choose to carry it once in awhile. I carry the M&P off duty in a 5.11 thumbdrive probably more than the Glock. I really want to shoot the GLocks as good as the others, didn’t like the past 2 I owned so it’s hard to convert. Glock makes a great weapon, just a personal choice. I have had service model XD’s I liked them and shot them well, I had a Sig226 9mm and really liked it but it weighed a ton and was a block I still say it’s hard to beat my 1911, but 9 rounds compared to 16 so I’ll stay with the M&P.

  • Nate Hutchings

    M&P .40. Have the .40c as EDC. Don’t like grip on glock.

  • Howard Kurs

    The Glock may be super reliable, but I hate the grip angle and the size of the grip. I got rid of my Glock 17 for this reason. It’s as far from a 1911 grip as you can get, which feels great and points naturally for me. The S&W M&P grip is much more ergonomic than the Glock and far closer to the angle of the 1911.

  • Joddy Grider

    I have owned many many Glocks over the years in just about every caliber. That said over the last 4-5 years I have traded or sold all my Glocks and moved to M&P. I just love the feel. A tuned M&P trigger is way better than the best after market trigger I ever found in a Glock. Both firearms are reliable and consistent. As mentioned Glock has a bit more accessories available but M&P is catching up. Really once you get to this point it comes down to personal preference. Your not going to go wrong with either one.

    • LG Chris

      Joddy, What did you do to improve your M&P trigger? The Apex Tactical kits for the M&P work wonders but are several times more expensive than most Glock trigger kits. Despite their awesomeness, the Apex kits price the M&P out of reach for many people who otherwise can’t tolerate the stock M&P trigger.

    • Joddy Grider

      LG Chris Apex kits are what i have used, however there are some shops doing true custom trigger work that are getting high marks. However if a Apex kit’s price is a issue a true smith’s trigger job is going to be way out.

    • Steve Moore

      I did the trigger job myself. Do a YouTube search. The one I used was a 9 part series and wasn’t too difficult the guy talks so much you can do the work in the same amount of time as it takes to watch the series. All it involves is rounding the edges of the weird and some polishing. He does some extra filing but I didn’t want to mess with that (call me chicken) but after 2 to 3 hundred rounds I love the trigger.

  • Dave Maddon

    G22 and never looked back. Just sayin. so Yes, Glock!!

  • Jon Sackerson

    I wouldn’t give a nickle for either one. If you want to stop a man in his tracks it’s a Colt 45 ACP 1911 A1 every time. Why mess around with plastic high capacity pop guns when you need rugged reliability and proven stopping power.

    • LG Chris

      Jon, there is certainly nothing wrong with your preference for the 1911, but I would argue that both the Glock and M&P also have exhibited “rugged reliability” as much as any other design out there. In fact, barring any catastrophic ammo-related malfunctions, the polymer frame on these guns (and most other polymer designs) is less likely to wear out or fail than any of the metal parts.

      As far as the “stopping power”, modern jacked hollow point technology has significantly shrunk the gap between the effectiveness of 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP. I’m guessing your “pop gun” jab was a joke, but just in case anyone reading this is tempted to so easily dismiss other calibers, there is a legitimate case to be made for any of the three.

    • James Earnhart

      for combat operations, my Glock 22 has yet to fail me. more than 600 rounds and im still here. in close combat ops it is a relevant choice. ill give a nickle for your glock, sell it to me. as for a colt, ill have to buy one and test it out on some more taliban.

    • Tom Jones

      I hope this post was a joke. I’d really hate to think there are people out there that would seriously think this way o_O
      Silly military, spec ops units, police, SWAT/ERT teams, Security teams messing around with those plastic pop guns that aren’t rugged and have no stopping power!
      ….. -_-

    • Hair Loos

      LG Chris Or you can get a 10mm with hollow pts. That will put a .45 ACP to shame.

    • Sam Bethune

      Excuse me if I don’t jump on the 1911 bandwagon. I carried one the majority of my 23 year Army career and never met a more temperamental and unreliable gun in my life. I agree with the .45 ACP part but I’ll take my Glock 22 over a 1911 if I wanna win the battle.

  • Cliff Kincannon

    I prefer the S&W simply for the feel on my hand. The glock just doesn’t fit me. That said the glock is a benchmark pistol and I think everyone should own one.

  • Fran Cory

    I have G19 and G17 Gen 3 and G19 and G26 Gen 4. Love all of them. However I am looking at buying a S$W M&P Shield for a little better concealed carry.

  • Mike Lindsey

    I own both but carry the S&W off duty and prefer it over the Glock.

  • Randy McCardle

    Glock G17 and G22 especially the Gen4’s are just amazing. I don’t know why I would ever want an M&P I don’t like key portions of it.

  • Peter M. Kinczyk


  • Coy Tingle

    M&P American made. ‘Nuff said

  • John Brower

    Glock model 20 10 mm love it.What ever the job it will get it done.

  • Peter Thomason

    Get a good gun…get the Sig Sauer 226

  • Andrew Peterson

    lots of bs in here glock or H&K get real folks

  • Steve Litman

    The M&P grip feels a bit better to me, but I carry a Glock 19. My experience with Smith & Wesson customer service has been very bad.

    • LG Chris

      Was S&W’s customer service issue the only thing that drove you to the Glock 19, or were there other factors involved? The Glock 19 is a very nice in-between size and it’s a shame that there’s no comparable M&P.

    • Steve Litman

      Hi Chris – I’ve sent two revolvers back to S&W for service. An M-34 .22 Kit Gun was splitting cases (!) and an M-10 had a serious timing problem. Both were returned without being repaired and both were, in my opinion, unsafe and unusable. That did it for me. I still have a nice Performance Center M-15 .38, but I think I’m all done buying S&W products. Besides, I hate the internal locks. With the exception of the G-19 and the M-15, all of our handguns are Rugers. Never had a problem with any Ruger and their customer service is excellent.

  • MaryLu Duffy

    My weapon of choice is a Kimber 45, but for 9 mm, I prefer the SW M&P– my hands are small and the grips on the SW are better feeling and fit for me…

    • Earby Markham

      Agreed. Even though I’m a 1911 user through and through for the plastic 9 or 40 it’s the S&W MP

  • John Patterson

    M&P 9c edc… not a big fan of Glocknation…

  • Bundy Cobb

    I will put my Taurus 24/7 ProDS against either, but I carry a colt 1911 nothing better, I prefer metal guns.

  • Joe Falcone

    Sig Sauer wins!

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  • Matt Miller

    My m&p is with me everyday. While I shoot Glocks well,I also shoot M&P just as well so why not own a gun that has better curves in my opinion

  • Tony L Wheatley

    I’ve owned both a Gen 4 Glock23 and the M&P 40 M&P is a great gun (with a little trigger work) and is my choice..We can say good things all night about both guns.

  • Matt Bartmess

    I’m confused, did I miss the article? I see two short paragraphs. Is there more?

    • LG Chris

      The main content is in the video, Matt. You should see a big play button on the image just above the two paragraphs. If not, let me know and we’ll see if there’s some kind of glitch with the site.

    • Matt Bartmess

      LG Chris I don’t see any play button sorry. It may be my internet but Im not sure ist just blank but everything else seems to be there like the embed buttons etc.

    • LG Chris

      Sorry you’re having trouble, Matt. What internet browser are you using and are you on Windows, Mac, or a mobile device?

    • Matt Bartmess

      LG Chris don’t worry I got it now, Just came up when I checked your message. I am on IE by the way. Thanks for your help though!

  • Doug Murray

    Love my G19!

  • John DiCino

    Smith and Wesson makes great revolvers and as for the faux Glocks not so good. The fit and finish of S&W is not as good as Glock, shooting both Glock is best in real shoot out Glock wins world wide!

  • Neil Schwartz

    I had a few Glocks and they were good. After I tried M&P I felt there were a lot better in ergonomics, reduced recoil and controllability. YRMV, it’s just my $0.02 on the subject. I’m sure in a week or a month or a year someone else will develop something a little “better”. I guess I’ll just have to try that one too.

  • Zach Johnson

    the S&W is a reat gun except for the fact that the factory trigger is embarrasingly bad

  • Michaela Hudon


    • LG Chris

      Hearing protection is awesome.

  • Mike Abbott

    I have the G23 and love it! I shot a friends M&P and liked it so I went to buy my own and couldn’t get one. After waiting 3 months I shot a G19 bought it and a 23 and haven’t looked back. Smith & Who!

    • LG Chris

      Mike, how long ago was that? I didn’t realize that M&Ps have been difficult to come by except possibly earlier this year.

    • Mike Abbott

      This was in March/April this year. I’m in California which also made it harder to get the 10 rnd mags

  • Drew Perez

    I just re-started from scratch last year with a new mid-sized every day carry gun. I’d always carried Sigs (still do, and love them dearly) but wanted something that was a tool, something I could beat around with and not really care if it got scratched, or bounced around in the glovebox or tacklebox. I tried a bunch of guns – Glock 23, Sig P229, S&W 4013, S&W M&P fullsized and compact, Commander-sized 1911s, Steyr M9, Walther PPQ, Springfield XD compact, H&K USP compact…and I just kept coming back around to the M&P. So I bought an M&P40C , threw in an Apex trigger, had the grip frame stippled, and haven’t looked back since. It’s been 100% reliable over a couple thousand rounds so far, more than accurate enough for what I use it for, and the ambi slide stop is a godsend for one-handed manipulations and drills. The backstraps and ergonomics are great too. M&P all the way.

    • LG Chris

      That is a lot of guns to try out, Drew. What exactly were you looking for when you tested them in order to make your decision?

    • Drew Perez

      LG Chris , I was looking for a gun that would go with me everywhere as an EDC CCW gun. I’d always carried a Sig P220ST or its smaller brethren, the P245 (now the P220 Carry). They shot beautifully and had the horsepower, but when I took training classes, I was up against guys who were running Glocks and M&Ps and they were just laying down a hail of fast, accurate gunfire…and I was performing two mag reloads to their one. My instructor called my quad magazine pouches “pez dispensers”. I was really impressed, so I decided to get me a tough, higher-cap handgun that I didn’t mind using in a rough manner, since it was going to go everywhere with me. I looked for good ergonomics, trigger pull quality, sight picture, and overall build quality. Secondary concerns were aftermarket support and general popularity. The M&P just really impressed me, though I’ll admit the Sig P229 almost landed in my holster.

  • Jim Rice

    Have the m&p 40c never fails!

  • James Taibi

    I am and have always been a S & W guy. Plus, I am left handed and the M&P’s are fully ambidextrous can’t beat that with a stick!!

  • Jon Register

    Will be getting a G17 soon. I am going with that because I have a G26 and the mags are interchangeable. I have shot the M&P and it is a great feeling gun! Like you said either will serve you well!

  • Daniel Mc Donnell

    Springfield XD40 Awesome.

  • David Campbell

    I purchased my first gun 2 years ago and it was narrowed down to the Glock and S&W MP after doing my research. The tie breaker was the M&P’s better ergonomics. When holding both guns, the M&P just felt like a natural extension of my arm. I have no regrets. 🙂

  • Tonya Mullis

    I have a MDL. 1911 45. And will not
    Want anything else 😉

  • Benny Heijnen

    I truly feel like the M&Ps main advantage to the Glock is the ambidexterity. Previously they also held an advantage in “feel” due to better ergonomics for most people – however this has been addressed with the new Gen4 glocks (which also close some of the ambi-gap with interchangable mag releases). I just purchased a G26 Gen4 and it’s the best overall ECD CCW Gun i’ve had, having previously carried a Gen3 G23 .40S&W and a Gen3 G36 Slimframe .45ACP.

    If you haven’t shot a Gen4 Glock yet at least go hold one. The grip feel is leaps and bounds better than anything Gen3 and before.

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Thanks for the insight Benny! We’ve heard similar comments about Glock’s Gen 4’s!

  • Joe Padgett

    I would rather have the Glock of my choice. I carried a Glock model 33, in .357 Sig, in an ankle holster the last five years as a NC State Trooper. I still carry this weapon for personal protection since I have retired. Sweetest small weapon I’ve ever owned!

  • Tom Davis

    Good article, it was really needed.

  • Richard J. Kersey

    As an owner and experienced shooter of a S&W M&P Pro 9 MM, this weapon is far superior to any Glock in handling and accuracy. Having shot several Glock models over the past three years, I find them consistantly unpleasant to fire with highly questionable accuracy. In my view, the Glock popularity is mostly due to their marketing hype, not their product quality.

  • John Owen

    An interesting commentary – thanks. I’ve been carrying either a Glock 17 or 26 (when I couldn’t hide the 17) for the past 4 years but recently tried an M&P Shield. Eveyrthing you say about the form factor is spot on. It’s a delight to hold. I have now purchased a Shield for concealed carry mainly because of the slim single stack format. Much easier to conceal. Previously I carried a Ruger LCP (aka miserable little gun) if I couldn’t hide either Glock but the Shield will now meet that need. However at this stage, if I can, I’ll still carry a Glock. They have never not gone bang when asked.

  • John Hubbard

    I have just recently fell in love with Glocks. I’ve bought dozens of handguns over the last few years, including a S&W M&P 9c, Ruger SR9, SR9C and SR45. I find my Glock Model 17 Gen4, 35 Gen4 and 21SF Gen 3 to be my favorites. They are comfortable to shoot, easy to takedown and clean and I find my accuracy is great with them. This is before any modification. I can’t wait to start tinkering with all the aftermarket goodies available for them. I used to hate the ugly looks of the Glock, but I’ve come to appreciate what they have to offer in reliability, simplicity and value.

  • George Edwards

    Which one is larger for people with XL hands?

    • Nate

      Depends what model you purchase. They both have full size. I own a Glock 22 gen 4 .40 Cal and it feels good I’m my hands and my hands are big. But I was torn on which one to get and it came down to the Glock being easier to field strip which is why some people refer to Glock as Legos for men.

  • Edward Lukas

    I like them both but like the triger on the glock hate the triger on the m&p but they are both shootable

  • John Purdy

    I have the M & P .45 full size and love it. Very smooth and accurate. I don’t carry full time but thinking it will last a life time if taken care of properly. As of this date have run about 1500 rounds through with no problems at all. A couple weeks ago I shot a 98 our of possible 100 by NRA standard target. Took the target to the range owners as I was feeling pretty good about my performance. They were laughing and said keep practicing. Forgot they were competition experts. Oh well.

  • Chuck Rupert

    I use a a Glock 17 for shooting steel comp, so naturally I looked first at the 19 and 26 to upgrade my .380 CCW. I settled on the M&P 9C due to the ergonomics. Like someone here said, for me it felt like an extension of my hand. The medium backstrap for me fits perfect.

  • Mike Ferguson

    Love both pistols… At the end of the day for me it was “what functions best for me”… Even tho I love the feel of the m&p in my hands, I cannot get a group out of an m&p like I can a glock. Some may say I’m just good at holding “a 2×4”, some say “glock perfection” I say “it works best for me, I go with glock”!!!

  • Ian Gustafson

    I have a quick question, in terms of buying one for a CA ccw permit, I would want to know which one would be better. I heard the Glock does have some feeding issues, but Im sure that problem was fixed recently. On the flip side, Ive heard that the M&P may jam or misfire due to certain qualities of ammo. So knowing these two common problems, which would be safer to qualify with for a ccw?

    • Sam Bethune

      I have a Glock 42 so I’m a little prejudiced. There were some FFE issues on the early ones but it only happened with certain brands of ammo. Mine was produced in August and I haven’t had any problems with it. The Shield looks like a good little gun but that catch in the sear that you have to flip to disassemble the gun looks to me like it could break pretty easily.

  • Rocky Chelberg

    Its depends what you like!

  • Sam Bethune

    I own a Glock G22 and I’m currently in the market for a 9mm (not interested in barrel conversion kits). My local gun store has a G19 (Gen 4) and an M&P 9, both used and both at the same price. The Smith feels great in my hand but I know what my shot groupings will look like with the Glock. Decision, decisions…..

    • Brian Bell

      Stick with what you know. Stay with Glock

    • Sam Bethune

      Brian Bell I started with a brand spankin’ new Generation 3 G19. My shots were all over the place and tried the M&P…even worse. I’ve since come to realize that even though they don’t look like it, my hands are big and I just don’t do well with compact frame pistols. I returned the M&P and bought what I should have started with – a new 3rd Generation G17. Great gun! I recently purchased a used G21 and the bottom line is that you’re right.

    • Casey Maples

      Lol yes stay with what you know that is the reason society has advanced for years. Because we should all just stick to what we know never advance or change anything lmao

      • David

        The trigger on the m&p is not an advancement, it sucks, probably the reason most don’t get good groups with them. Between the smith and the glock, both bone stock, it’s the glock everytime. Sure ergonomics may be better on the smith, but that is what training is for. But hey the smith is much better looking if a head turning range gun is what you want. Without a trigger replacement for the smith, the glock is still ahead in my book. But I run my guns stock. Sticking with what you know is great advice when it comes to firearms. Get what you want or can afford, run the hell out of it and maintain it well. That way if the shtf, muscle memory will take over. No time to think about grip and other such things, again great advice.

  • Brian Bell

    While Glock has CONSISTENTLY produced outstanding pistols from day 1, S&W has struggled with their semi-autos. Anyone remember the Sigma (e.g. the “Windows ME” of the firearm world?) The M&P underwhelmed me. I’ve owned The Glock 21, 22, 23, 19, and 27. Haven’t had a problem yet. I shot my friend’s M&P and it sucked. Not to mention S&W is a bunch of sellouts to the Massachusetts liberals. At the end of the day, I trust Glock. I do not trust or like S&W unless it’s a revolver made before 1989 or a knife. Sorry S&W fanboys… I’m a Glock man through and through.

    • Steve Scott

      I’m no fan of the M&P. Shot my friend’s, and the brass hit me in the face. That said, the history of Smith and Wesson’s struggle with semi-autos is irrelevant. The fact that they turned out a turkey with the Sigma (which shoots reliably, albeit badly) doesn’t bear on what they’re doing now. Even though I don’t like it, the M&P has turned out to be pretty popular.

      And it’s not like Glock hasn’t had issues. Two years ago they had ejector issues, with brass hitting people in the head. Their Gen 3 40’s would malfunction with a weapons light. The Glock 42 is intolerant of certain types of ammo.

      That said, I own three. I’ve owned four others in the past, and may own more.

    • jango

      Suck glock wang!

    • John Wick

      Very well said.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    I have an m&p pro c.o.r.e 40 latest model was manufactured 10/13 all issues fixed I bought it a few weeks ago put about 200 rounds through it as it was the day I got it no jams no miss fires used Winchester 165 + 180 grain the pro core has a 4-5 pound trigger pull smooth pro cost a little more than the standard version but worth it

  • Sam Bethune

    Sometimes advancing or changing doesn’t work out for the better and you have to go back to the old tried and true. New and different isn’t always better.

  • Jim Rice

    I really like my Glock 23. Glock 19 is a nice shooting pistol as well. Haven’t tried the S&W though. I still prefer my M1911A1s over everything else. 🙂

    My favorite 9mm is my CZ-85 which is a great pistol. Also own a Walther P-38 and a Taurus PT-740. The Taurus is a great small frame carry pistol. Had a Pt-99 and got rid of it. Just too big.

    • Sam Bethune

      Personally I always thought the 1911 was tempermental…never fired one that didn’t give me trouble. I just got a Springfield XDM 9mm and to me it has the best features of both the 1911 and the “new breed” of pistols. I also shoot it pretty well too, and that counts for a lot.

    • Jim Rice

      I have a WWII vintage Remington Rand and a 90s Springfield Armory M1911A1s. Never had any issues when using at least mid-quality jacketed rounds. Coated and cast low budget would occasionally jam. Haven’t had any problems since. Love shooting them both. I also really like my Model 23 Glock too though. My CZ-85 is my favorite 9mm.

    • Sam Bethune

      I also have an XD Mod.2, a Glock 21, Glock 22, Glock 42, and a Ruger Security Six. I think I have the Ruger sold and I’m buying a S&W 27-9 to replace it. Looking to get a Walther PPK after that. Love to own a P38 but their kinda expensive to get a hold of these days.

  • MrApple

    Glock 19.

  • Joshua Sylve

    I love my m&p 9mm it !!!

  • Matt G.

    Glock’s are simple, durable, rugged, reliable and accurate. Easy to work on and the parts are cheap. Great gun for the field. Oh, and magazines and accessories are everywhere

  • Treiz


  • Caligula

    Both are good pistols. It comes down to personal preference.

  • camdogify

    I’m more of a wheel gun fan, but I do have a couple semi-autos in the stable. I have 9 mm firearms, no .40s, and several larger bore handguns.

    At one time I was interested in purchasing a cop’s Glock that shot .45 Auto. At the range, he loaded it, racked the slide, handed it to me and said, ”She’s ready to go.”

    As I was holding it, pointed it down range and gripping the pistol as if it were my 1911… the mag fell out and bounced into the mud. This pistol had an extended mag release and when I held it to fire in my left hand, I’d bumped it somehow, releasing the mag. I sat the pistol on the shooting table nearby, picked up the muddy mag, and handing it to him I said,”No thanks.”

    He said I could switch the release to the other side, but I find the release on my 1911 just fine on the left. Even then, if purchased, I’d have had to fit a new barrel to shoot my lead reloads.

    Some years later I decided in searching for a polymer in .45 Auto. I thought for sure I wanted a Ruger SR 45. When I got to the local farm store and held one in my hand, I thought it felt like a block of wood in bad need of sanding. I had the woman behind the counter place every polymer .45 in front of me for inspection. When I got to the M&P .45 Auto, and felt it in my hand, the search had ended.

    I swabbed the barrel with a clean patch, grabbed a large variety of reloads and headed out to the range. The only ammo the M&P had trouble digesting were some reduced load target semi-wadcutters I shoot out of my Blackhawk.

    Later on, I took videos as I shot it up against my 1911. The M&P had noticeably less muzzle flip. The M&P 45 works for me.

  • Lee Campbell

    Can’t go wrong either way. – 26% ( )

  • RJ West

    When I went out shopping for my first pistol , I’ve checked out & handled some glock pistols (having only shot a G42 & S&W 686 prior) & they are good quality firearms without doubt. However for some reason I keep going back to the M&P. The Smith’s fit & feel better in my hand & just have this “fighting pistol” feel about them that I cannot explain. My M&P Shield is now my EDC & my M&P 9 is my go-to IDPA / range pistol… In all fairness, you can’t go wrong with either as far as customer service, quality, longevity of either brand. The most important factor is how it feels in YOUR hand.

  • I own two S&Ws 40 cal. one an MP and the other MP Shield. The other day at a local range, I went shooting with some friends and one had a Glock model 23. I tired it and wow was I impressed. My shot group was far more consistent with the Glock.

    I am trading in or anything. I prefer a pistol with a manual safety and the Glock doesn’t have one but I think the lighter weight and slightly better rear sights had something to do with it.

  • del

    I have had several Smith & Wesson’s 4 m&p 40 cal and an old 9 millimeter but I recently looked at a Glock 23 it was sweet but I still choose the M&P Smith & Wesson over the clock because of the better feel changeable back straps to better conform your hand in the 15 round clips the Glock 23 40 Cal had a custom top but I did not like the way it was so loose on the top slide at the pawn shop the glock 23 $599 in the M&P Smith & Wesson up at $499 with a laser and led light now the laser an LED light was a bonus doesn’t normally come with that but I love the way you M&p feel and I had have several of them shot many many boxes never had a problem with the Smith & Wesson I hear some people saying negative things about the trigger on a Smith & Wesson but I actually prefer that because it wouldn’t be as easy for a young child to squeeze vs other pistols they say it’s like six and a half pounds to pull the trigger on a Smith & Wesson M&P means you will have a tight firm grip on it and I also love how at the top you’ll be able to see if one is chambered or not but that’s my opinion on the M&P Smith & Wesson’s