Ever wonder what those numbers on your scope means? Know what they mean but have no idea how to actually pronounce them? Not to fear, friends. I made a video just for you to help you feel even more comfortable in the world of optics.

Are you comfortable talking about optics already? What was your first experience shooting with them?

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  • Robert Stoddard

    Word to the wise, learn how to install your own optics and never trust the guy at the gunsmithing bench at your local sporting goods store. That store may even sell the proper kit to do the installation, but do they use it? No! They just slap the rings on, slap the scope in and tighten it down. Doing such an installation can and will destroy your scope!

  • Norman Eddy


  • Ben Ochart

    Thank you. I’m relatively new to owning and shooting and appreciate any tip I can get.

  • Terence O’Brien

    If you have competent gunsmith and you are patience he will do a good job. Robert S. Most people don’t understand that placing optical take more skill then the common lay persons skill set.

  • David Smith

    If you understand basic tool use and can “feel” the lower scope rings when properly aligned (one can use the scope itself, but a good alignment tool will insure perfection), then snug down the upper ring screws gently but evenly across the bolt pattern, proper installation is not beyond capability. I’ve done about a dozen over the last 25 years, and haven’t “ruined” a scope yet.

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