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357 Mag - 142 gr FMJTC - Fiocchi - 1000 Rounds

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3 357 Mag Ammo For Sale - 142 gr FMJTC Fiocchi Ammunition In Stock are in stock


37.0ยข per round


Quick Overview

Quantity - 1000 rounds (50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case)
Manufacturer - Fiocchi
Bullets - 142 grain full metal jacket truncated cone (FMJTC)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
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Fiocchi is a well known European cartridge producer that has continued to build its reputation as a quality supplier to the U.S. market. Its product is excellent for use in training, target practice, or just fun-loving plinking.

This ammunition is brass-cased, new production, non-corrosive, boxer-primed and reloadable. It is consistent, reliable, and affordable.

Video Transcript:

The Italian ammo company Fiocchi has been around since the 1870s, and is still in the Fiocchi family today. They make a wide variety of ammo for self-defense, hunting, planking, and long-range precision shooting. Among these is several different revolver loads in 38 Special and 357 Magnum.

For this review, we're going to take a closer look at one of their more interesting Magnum loads. One of the things you might notice about this 142 grain Magnum load is the long bullet designation on the box, the FMJTC. This stands for full metal jacket truncated cone. Just like the name suggests, this bullet is shaped like a cone that's had the tip cut off. Some believe this shape provides a little more accuracy over a traditional round-nosed bullet, and the flat tip also makes them safe to use in lever-action rifles with tubular magazines.

We tested accuracy from 15 yards, using a 4-inch barrel Ruger GP-100, and got a really nice ten-shot group, despite the temptation to jerk the trigger through the stiff recoil of the Magnum load. The velocity for this round is pretty high for a bullet of this weight, giving it a muzzle energy higher than any other 357 Magnum load that we've tested so far.

This translates into pretty significant recoil in most guns. It's manageable in a full-size revolver, but pretty painful in a snubnose, like our Ruger LCR, and I could only handle a couple of rounds. Aside from the recoil, the Fiocchi round functioned great all six of our test revolvers with reliable emission and clean extraction with every round.

This accurate, high-velocity Magnum cartridge is a great choice for long-range target shooting or planking. It's also a great load if you want to see what your long-barrelled revolver or rifle is really capable of.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fiocchi
Condition New
Bullet Weight 142 Grain
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone (FMJTC)
Use Type Range Training
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 1,000
Ammo Caliber .357 Magnum
Manufacturer SKU 357F
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1420
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 571
UPC Barcode 762344861395


Brent Von Aschen ( Fri, 07 Sep 2012 17:36:45 +0000 ) : This is a purchase in the near future.
Heidi Gunner ( Mon, 10 Sep 2012 15:47:02 +0000 ) : We are ready when you are! We've had extremely good results with the Magtech .38 Special ammo.
Jacob Jaramillo ( Thu, 12 Jun 2014 23:40:58 +0000 ) : im going to make this purchase here in the future. I try finding ammo for my 357 in stores but there is none or you got to pay 35.00$ for 20rnds. question do you get magtech ammo in .357 if you do let me know those were my favorite rounds
Heidi Gunner ( Tue, 17 Jun 2014 23:41:39 +0000 ) : Hey Jacob, thanks for the kind words. We do carry Magtech 357 when we can get it. As you've probably noticed, things are still a little more slim than normal when it comes to selection as the ammo manufacturers are still working hard to get caught up. Hopefully we'll have some in the next few months.
Silas Longshot ( Tue, 08 Jul 2014 23:57:36 +0000 ) : This works fine in my Taurus long barrel revolver and my Winchester 94 lever gun. Recoil in the revolver is definitely up the scale with this stuff and the muzzle velocity is up nicely in the lever gun's 18 inch barrel. And I don't have any feeding issues with the '94. I can grab up a handful of any combination of hand loads, factory ammo, lead bullet, these truncated cone, with 38's thrown in the mix as well, proves to me a reliable SHTF weapon.
James Hart ( Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:54:10 +0000 ) : A very clean burning med-to-low power round. My M92 did not like the feeding due to the slightly longer case length. Had some copper filings in the works from the case scraping into the chamber. Would not recommend for Rossi users.
James Hart ( Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:55:36 +0000 ) : Have no chrono, but have LARGE doubt about the velocity claims.
Jerald Morehead ( Tue, 09 Dec 2014 14:43:03 +0000 ) : Like to do a demo tap and write up on your ammo. For gun & ammo mag. If you would like for me to do so let me know bye Email . Jeraldmorehead@yahoo.com thank you for your time

Product Question and Answer

Our customer service team has published this Q&A information as a free service to the shooting community. Please note that LuckyGunner.com expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to how the shooting community might use this Q&A information. See Terms of Use for more details.

Q: Hi, How clean does this ammo burn? I did shoot some of it in my nine mill and it seemed OK. So, how clean is it really to buy a 1000 rounds? Thanks, Danny

Posted On: 5/12/12 By: Dany

A: After 1000 rounds of any ammunition, there will be a significant amount of carbon fouling. However, as you have already discovered, Fiocchi ammo is fairly clean burning.

Customer Reviews

Little too long- little too weak Review by JimBo
Bought these for my Rossi M92. Loved the bullet profile for the lever gun. Had a problem chambering the round. The case is just a little longer than other types which feed well. Also, quite weak power-wise. I'd like to know what barrel they chronographed them from. Good quality, very clean burning. Now....if they'd just shorten the case and add 10% more powder......I'd buy them for the rest of my life!! (Posted on 8/22/14)
good service Review by Mike
In my earlier praise of this Fiocchi ammo I neglected to mention Lucky Gunner's careful packaging and prompt delivery. I've also requested information by phone and received a thorough and courteous answer. (Posted on 8/21/14)
top-quality bargain Review by Mike
A .357 mag at this price is fun to shoot with a clear conscience -- unless of course you have more money than you know what to do with. The rounds are good to look at, carefully assembled and easily extracted, which, as extraction goes, is not true of the more expensive American Eagle mags I've used. I'm a mediocre shot -- a comment regarding accuracy would useless. My revolver is a Dan Wesson 715, recently manufactured. A peach of a gun by the way. (Posted on 8/16/14)
Fiocchi is HOT stuff! Review by Jason A
I have a Taurus 627 6" revolver and bought these for range use. These 142 grain .357 Magnum loads are tack-driving accurate - moreso than wadcutters, JHPs, FMJ round nose loads, and JSPs I've tried from many manufacturers. On a cylinder full of 7 of these, I printed a solid 2" grouping (from a sandbag rest) at 25 yards, which is much better than my recent results with other brands (Remington, Federal, Winchester). After 25 rounds, I had managed to chew a ragged roughly 3" hole in the center of the target.

They burn clean, but boy oh boy do they burn! The flame and report from these rounds is FIERCE. At an outdoor range earlier this afternoon, others around me stopped shooting to watch these rounds and the resulting trail of flames cook off.

The rounds drop into the cylinders nicely from HKS speedloaders due in large part to the truncated cone bullets. The casings extract clean with a stiff stroke of the ejector, but they do fire form to the cylinders moreso than some other brands.

These rounds all ignited on the first strike. 100% went bang every time for 200 consecutive rounds.

Recoil is middle of the road on the spectrum of .357 rounds (I consider .357's spectrum to range from stout yet manageable recoil on 158 grain American Eagle JSP to insanely uuberpowered and uncomfortable to shoot Buffalo Bore 125 grain).

Also... reloaders, the brass on mine are headstamped HRTRS - they're from Herter's. The brass works nicely with repeated taper crimping and light roll crimping. The primer pockets are durable enough for multiple reloadings.

Only one hiccup happened with these rounds: The gentleman in the lane next to mine reports that he caught a piece of bullet jacketing in his cheek out of the cylinder gap on my Taurus... He picked it out of his skin, and it was a roughly 4mm x 1mm piece of scorched copper. Not sure what caused that - my gun or the cartridge...

This is a round that I feel pairs nicely with my revolver in terms of repeatable accuracy, reasonable felt recoil (as far as .357 magnum goes), cleanliness (scorching around the cylinder gap & crane was pretty intense, but cleaned off easily with some Hoppes #9), and bang for the buck.

It's one of the cheapest factory brass loaded .357 cartridges available, but this stuff is seriously good to go.
Highly recommended for target use or hunting applications. NOT recommended for a nightstand/home defense gun due to tremendous flash and report. (Posted on 1/6/13)
Will buy again! Review by dandl507
I've used it in both my Marlin .357 rifle and my automatic Coonan .357 Mag pistol for target practice. No problems. (Posted on 1/16/12)
Great Review by MrV
Prices are great, my first purchase with Lucky Gunner. Customer service was outstanding look forward to doing more business with you. (Posted on 2/11/11)
My second 'thousand' ive purchased Review by Jonathan
these guys are the best... best price i could find on the web, good quality ammo/high grain and super fast shipping even via ground... both times i got my order in 3 business days or less!!! my only stop for ammo moving forward (Posted on 1/31/11)
Excellent value for money Review by Gunman
Shot >300 rds with no problem.
Able to shoot a 3" group of 5 at 25yds.
Shot 100 rounds consecutively under 20 mins in my 686P with good accuracy using 5 Star 7 shot speedloaders.
Excellent ammo already bought another 1K. Will buy more. Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/5/10)
Will buy again Review by mern
great buy (Posted on 11/18/10)
Excellent Review by Andrew
Ammo is accurate, works well in my Rossi revolver. Will buy again from LuckyGunner (Posted on 11/6/10)
LUCKEY GUNNER did a great JOB!! Review by Karr
Ammo was very accurate. I will purchase ammo again from LUCKY GUNNER (Posted on 6/30/10)
Excellent Review by Becket
My experience with lucky gunner was great and the product I purchased was excellent (Posted on 6/15/10)
Good for the price. Review by Parafin
Good quality and price. accurate at 75 yds (Posted on 6/15/10)
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