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45 ACP - 185 Grain JHP - Federal Classic Personal Defense - 500 Rounds

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Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 25 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Federal
Bullets - 185 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Manufacturer Federal
Condition New
Bullet Weight 185 Grain
Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 500
Ammo Caliber .45 ACP (Auto)
Manufacturer SKU C45C
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 950
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 371
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 50029465093131
Use Type
Self Defense
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Federal designed this specific load for controllable recoil and reliable impact expansion, making this ammo perfect for personal protection with short-barreled 1911s and other smaller pistols chambered in .45 ACP. Buying in bulk with this 500-round case ensures that you'll have plenty of rounds for consistent performance between training drills, short practice sessions, and carry magazine rotation. Each cartridge is built using high-grade components including reloadable brass casings, non-corrosive Boxer primers, and clean-burning propellant.

The round is equipped with a jacketed hollow point (JHP) projectile that weighs in at 185 grains; while this is relatively light for the caliber, these loads are configured for subsonic muzzle velocity for a low report when used with a suppressor. The JHP features a smooth ogive with deep skivings which act as a pre-programmed track for the bullet's hollow cavity. This allows the bullet to experience wide expansion during entry into a target, creating a large wound cavity while driving threat-crippling momentum into deeper vital zones. Federal Premium has been around since the 1920s and is one of the most respected manufacturers in the United States due to their prominent designs and unquestionable quality control.
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