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50 BMG - 660 Grain FMJ M33 - Lake City - 50 Rounds Loose

Out of stock


Quantity - 50 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
Bullets - 660 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) M33
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Manufacturer Lake City
Condition New
Bullet Weight 660 Grain
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 50
Ammo Caliber .50 BMG
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 2910
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 12408
Attracts Magnet Yes
UPC Barcode R042320206185
Use Type
Range Training
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There are two ways that you can shoot this 50 BMG ammo from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. The first way is free of charge. Heck, they’ll even pay you to shoot it – though you’d better not make any other plans for the next two to six years. The second way costs money, but no one will ever scream at you for making your bed incorrectly when you order from LuckyGunner.com.

This is ball M33 ammunition, the same stuff that would have gone to our Armed Forces if you hadn’t gotten it instead. It sports a 660 grain FMJ projectile, a real meat and potatoes bullet that doesn’t do anything fancy like pierce armor more effectively or start fires. This round’s bullet suits it well for long-distance shooting with a Barrett M82A1. Needless to say, even a standard 50 BMG bullet will make short work of most living targets.

This round’s brass shell casing is visibly heat-treated, so it has the suppleness to seal the chamber efficiently before becoming a capable reloading project. Lake City’s Boxer primer ignites dependably without rusting out a valuable rifle, and their military grade propellant burns up clean as well.

Lake City is our country’s biggest ammo manufacturer. They use nearly 4,000 acres of land to punch out all the ammo that our guys and gals in uniform need to get their jobs done. They rightly use only trustworthy components and extensive quality assurance protocol to get their job done.
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