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9mm - 147 Grain JHP - Winchester W Train and Defend - 20 Rounds

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($1.10 per round)

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Quantity - 20 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Winchester W Train and Defend
Bullets - 147 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP)
Casings - Boxer-primed nickel-plated brass
Manufacturer Winchester
Condition New
Bullet Weight 147 Grain
Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
Use Type Self Defense
Ammo Casing Nickel-Plated Brass
Quantity 20
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
Manufacturer SKU W9MMD
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 950
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 295
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 020892220492
Cost Per Round $1.10 per round
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Feel confident you are armed with nothing but the best by choosing 9mm ammo from Winchester as your self defense round!

These rounds are a member of Winchester's outstanding W Train and Defense line of ammunition. This ammo pair is great for beginning shooters getting acquainted with their carry weapon, or for the experienced who just want some extra practice. Winchester has developed this 147 grain JHP as the Defend round, and a similar FMJ as the Train round. The FMJ mimics the JHP, allowing you to practice with a round more suited for training so you will be ready to defend yourself in a deadly situation. Both the JHP and FMJ are designed for less recoil, making it more comfortable to practice as much as you'd like without the fatigue.

Winchester has mastered the vast world of ammunition design and manufacturing. Whether it's hunting, self defense, sport shooting, law enforcement, or military, you can count on Winchester to have what you need.

Note: This order only contains the JHP DEFEND rounds. You will need to purchase the FMJ TRAIN rounds separately.
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