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ATK Ammo Review

ATK Ammo Review

ATK Ammo Information:

ATK's history is an impressive one with the independent company starting in 1990.  By acquiring the former Honeywell business markets, ATK jumped into supplying defense products and systems to the United States and its allies.  ATK was responsible for supplying the first electronic autopilot to assist in targeted bombing missions during World War II. Continuing to grow aggressively, ATK gained market share in the aerospace industry by acquiring two key companies- Hercules Aerospace Company and Thiokol Propulsion Company.

ATK has many branches of operations.  Their ATK Armament Systems branch manufactures some of the best known ammunition brands through their commercial products and programs including Federal, CCI, Speer, and Outers. ATK Ammunition is the largest manufacturer of ammunition in the world!  Besides manufacturing ammunition for hunters and shooters, ATK also is the main ammunition supplier for the homeland security and police officers.  ATK Ammo has a huge production capacity and is responsible for running two major ammo production plants by the name of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant and the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. 


Where ATK Ammo Is Manufactured:

ATK Ammo is manufactured in the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri and in the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Radford, Virginia.  The plants are capable of producing over 1.5 billion rounds of small caliber ammunition every year!


ATK Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By ATK Ammo:

ATK Ammunition manufactures all of the calibers as seen on the following ammo brand's websites:

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