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Remington Ammo Review

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Remington Ammo Information

Remington Ammo Review Remington Ammo also known as Remington Arms Company, Inc., is headquartered in Madison, North Carolina.  Remington designs, manufactures, and sells sporting goods products for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.  Remington Arms is the only United States manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products.  Furthermore, Remington Arms doesn't stop with producing ammunition... in fact, Remington Arms is one of the biggest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles!

For decades, Remington Arms has incorporated ballistic innovation into each round.  The Remington brand is well known for its accuracy and reliability.  All Remington cartridges are assembled from high quality components and quality control check processes are in place to ensure strict product standards. 


Where Remington Ammo Is Manufactured

Remington Ammo is manufactured right here in the U.S.  Currently, Remington Arms has five site locations which include plants in New York, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Ohio.


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Calibers Offered By Remington Ammo

As seen on the Remington Arms website:

Remington Ammo is rated 4.65
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