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Glock 43 6 Round 9mm Factory Magazine


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Quantity - 1 Magazine
Capacity - 6 Rounds
Caliber - 9mm
Firearm Platform - Glock 43
Magazine Capacity 6 Rounds
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
Firearm Compatibility Glock 43
Manufacturer Glock
Manufacturer SKU MF08855
Quantity 1
UPC Barcode R092520207086
Material Steel
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The Glock 43 packs a lot of power into just over a pound of pistol. You no doubt own the little powerhouse because you expect it to serve you well when help’s not on the way. But the shortcoming of its size is that the G43 hasn’t got an enormous magazine, so you would be well advised to carry a spare in case six shots turn out not to be enough.

This mag is made by Glock, and indeed it is the exact same mag the G43 leaves the factory with. Glock’s factory mag consists of a full-length steel insert to prevent deformation and twisting, and it is furthermore sheathed in durable yet lightweight polymer. This mag will soak up quite a bit of torture until it can’t cope anymore!

Glock’s six-round 9mm magazine has five numbered witness holes, so you’ll know instantly and exactly how many rounds are in there as soon as you eject it. The Austrian manufacturer equips their mag with a reliable follower and long-lasting spring. (If you find the mag difficult to load to full capacity at first, that’s only because the stiff spring needs to be broken in a little.)

Only compatible with Glock 43 pistols!
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