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G43 6 Round 9mm Luger Glock Factory Magazine with Pinky Rest Extension - Black

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Manufacturer - Glock Factory
Capacity - 6 Rounds
Caliber - 9mm Luger
Firearm Platform - Glock 43 Only
Magazine Capacity 6 Rounds
Ammo Caliber 9mm Ammo For Sale
Firearm Compatibility Glock 43
Manufacturer Glock
Manufacturer SKU MF08844
Quantity 1
UPC Barcode Mag6rdG43ext
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This factory magazine for Glock 43 pistols delivers reliable performance for training and self-defense. Each mag holds 6 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition in a metal insert shielded by a hard polymer frame.

The most distinctive feature of this particular magazine is the grip extension, which helps shooters with larger hands use all their fingers to grip the weapon. This decreases the effect of recoil and improves accuracy; however, it also increases the weight and bulk of the weapon, both important considerations for concealed carry.

The Glock 43 is a single-stack pistol, meaning the rounds are not staggered in the magazine. This feature greatly aids in concealability but also means that G43 magazines cannot be used with any other Glock pistol.
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