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380 Auto - New Unprimed Brass Casings - Armscor - 500


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Quantity - 500 casings
Manufacturer - Armscor
Caliber - 380 Auto
Type - New Unprimed Brass
Manufacturer Armscor
Ammo Caliber .380 Auto (ACP)
Primer Type Boxer
Quantity 500
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Woah there, pardner! Make sure you don’t actually want loaded ammo before you order these empty shell casings. These are strictly for handloaders!

Ask any self-defense expert: Big cartridges are only for people who don’t know how to aim. That’s why you, one of the world’s greatest living marksmen, need nothing more powerful than a 22 Short when you hunt grizzly bear. It’s also why you love the 380 ACP.

This lot of five hundred 380 Auto cases will set you up real nice if you want to load your own ammo. This isn’t once-fired stuff, but rather factory fresh cases that just rolled out of the same factory in which Armscor makes their loaded ammo. The seasoned Asian manufacturer saw fit to draw and cut uniform cases that’ll be of just as much use for your range loads as they will your self-defense stockpile.

These cases are lower priced because they have not yet been outfitted with primers. You’ll put in a little more work, but you’ll enjoy that much more control over your finished product! That’s a sense of pride which shooters who don’t handload will never be able to appreciate.
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