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6.5 Grendel - 123 Grain BTHP - Hornady American Gunner - 200 Rounds in Field Box

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Quantity - 200 rounds per field box
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullets - 123 grain boat tail hollow point (BTHP)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Manufacturer Hornady
Condition New
Bullet Weight 123 Grain
Bullet Type Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 200
Ammo Caliber 6.5 Grendel
Manufacturer SKU 81511
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 2590
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 1818
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 090255815115
Use Type
Match Shooting
Range Training
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This 6.5mm Grendel cartridge from Hornady’s American Gunner line of ammunition delivers exceptional accuracy courtesy of its 123 grain BTHP projectile. The bullet’s tapered base raises its ballistic coefficient and causes it to create less turbulence in flight, enabling it to retain a flat trajectory along with a greater part of its velocity as it as it whizzes downrange. Its boat tail design further immunizes this bullet greatly against cross winds, a feature complemented by its narrow hollow point meplat which resists wind deflection as well.

Hornady makes a remarkably consistent brass casing, so these rounds’ casings boast highly uniform internal capacities and wall thicknesses. This round’s propellant is loaded to deliver a fast yet still conventional muzzle velocity, allowing a shooter to safely fire it in any rifle. As a nice bonus, the field box that these 200 cartridges are packaged in is a durable and well-made one. Even if you’re a skilled handloader who knows how to get the most from a casing, this box will outlast its ammo by a very long time.
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