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7.62x39mm - Blank M-68 - Prvi Partizan - 15 Rounds

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(46.7¢ per round)


Quantity - 15 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Prvi Partizan
Bullets - None / Crimped Blank
Casings - Berdan-primed brass

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
Condition New
Bullet Weight Not Applicable
Bullet Type Blanks
Use Type Range Training
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 15
Ammo Caliber 7.62X39
Manufacturer SKU PP7.31
UPC Barcode 8605003807209S
Cost Per Round 46.7¢ per round
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These blank rounds can be great for theatrical use with your AKs, SKSs, and other 7.62x39mm rifles. Blanks possess about half the propellant charge of live rounds are meant to make noise and flash that may be useful for filming or performing reenactments and plays. These M68 blank rounds are crimped with no projectile or plug and have their tips colored red for easy identification. These rounds will not cycle a semi-automatic firearm without the use of a blank firing adapter (BFA) but can be used in conjunction with accessories such as line launchers and golfball launchers.

Prvi Partizan is a Serbian manufacturer of ammunition which is responsible for production of military stock as well as civilian calibers for export. Their ammo is known for stringent quality control and low costs.

Although intended for less-than-lethal force, this ammo could still cause serious injury or death under certain circumstances, like use in close proximity to your target. Be sure to handle a firearm loaded with this ammo the same way you would any other.
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